For gap identification and diagnostics, we have a comprehensive collections of assessment tools covering the following areas:

  • Selection: This includes assessment tools from high volume entry level to C-level positions.
  • Development: This includes assessment tools for all levels in the organization, critical thinking and analysis, 360 assessments, and coaching.
  • Team Reports: This includes team, team culture, and change capability assessment reports.
  • Inclusivity: This is to identify gaps and issues looking from the lens of gender inclusivity.

 Devine Inventory Hiring™

The Devine Inventory Hiring report provides a detailed summary of the degree to which a candidate’s assessment results match the relevant job “Success Profile”. Results are presented graphically on a range of 33 behaviors that suggest whether or not a candidate would be an appropriate fit. Devine Inventory Hiring also provides follow-up interview questions that help hiring managers determine whether certain “low-scoring” behaviors are caused by hard-wired attributes of a candidate, cultural influences or temporary life circumstances.

 Devine Inventory HiringPlus™

The Devine Inventory HiringPlus report reveals the likely top-performing candidates for a position by comparing candidates’ scores against a “Success Profile.” This enhanced report also offers an overall applicant score, which is based on a set of behaviors identified to deliver success in a particular position. This score can give hiring managers an early indication for whether or not a candidate would be a good fit within your organization.

Devine Inventory HiringPremium™

Devine Inventory HiringPremium is a highly customizable report that can help your company accurately predict which prospective hires will be successful in specific roles by condensing the 33 behaviors measured by The Devine Inventory into rated competencies that are very specific to your organization. An overall applicant score is provided with the primary and contributing competencies being displayed in an aesthetically pleasing, abbreviated and easy-to-read graphical format.

Devine Inventory Hiring-Sales

Devine Inventory Hiring – Sales is a competency-based report that will help your company decide which candidate will most successfully fill a job opening by providing an overview of each job applicant’s inherent work capabilities. Using our Sales Quadrant Model, your candidate will be measured against four types of selling. Strengths and weaknesses will be outlined based on competencies being evaluated.

Devine Inventory Coach™

Devine Inventory Coach empowers managers to treat every employee as a unique individual. Devine Inventory Coach highlights and explains an employee’s strengths and weaknesses—from a manager’s perspective. This in-depth report uses the web-based Devine Inventory behavioral assessment to determine which areas of an individual’s development should have greater focus in order to improve their performance in a specific position—from assertiveness to vitality.

Devine Inventory Culture™

Devine Inventory Culture is the report for executive managers who wish to know their staff’s overall strengths and weaknesses—and turn them into opportunities. The Devine Inventory Culture report helps you determine if your existing culture will support your organization’s productivity goals by comparing the behavioral tendencies of existing employees and job applicants with those of your organization’s top performers.

Devine Inventory Develop™

Devine Inventory Develop can help you learn how to enhance your employee’s strengths and how to best improve their weaknesses. This in-depth report uses the web-based Devine Inventory behavioral assessment to determine which areas of an individual’s development should have greater focus in order to improve their performance in a specific position. Once you select and hire an employee, Devine Inventory Develop will aid you in growing and retaining them.

Devine Inventory Team™

The Devine Inventory Team report contains composite results for members of your organization for a pre-selected group of behavioral competencies and behaviors. This report will help you assign roles appropriately and help your teams advance, resulting in a more efficient and effective organization.

Devine Inventory Team Analysis™

The Devine Inventory Team Analysis report helps organizations clarify the strengths and weaknesses of their  team, explains how the team members and their leaders interact, and analyses whether those interactions are enhancing performance or if they require modification. The Team Analysis report takes a thorough look at team- leadership as well as individual team members, and provides an overview of recommended training areas.

Devine Inventory Team Scorecard™

The Devine Inventory Team Scorecard report contains aggregated assessment results of select employees for a pre-determined group of competencies. The graphical presentation of this data within the report helps to highlight specific cultural strengths and development opportunities for team members within your organization. This report identifies potential training needs as well as alignment of cultural strengths to the strategic vision of your organization.

Devine Critical Thinking Inventory™

Devine Critical Thinking Inventory is an assessment solution that measures the intellectual capacity and analytical skills of leadership-level employees. This online assessment presents job candidates with verbal and quantitative information and requires them to determine which of several plausible conclusions is correct. The resulting report calculates the ability for job candidates to review critical information, draw valid conclusions and weigh alternatives to make solid judgments.

Devine High Volume  Selection™

Devine High Volume Selection is an online screening tool that measures the potential for behaviors such as poor attendance, low productivity or theft violations within your prospective hires, so that you can avoid costly mistakes of hiring the wrong person for the job, and increase the ability to retain the best employees possible.

Devine Salaried Selection™

Devine Salaried Selection is a proven solution for assessing the personality and behavioral aspects of your job candidates at the professional, managerial and executive career levels. Devine Salaried Selection is a competency-based pre-employment assessment tool that will help your organization create a workforce with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.

Devine 360™

The Devine 360 survey is effective at gathering an honest assessment of the behaviors and habits of an individual that affect others in the workplace. Anonymous feedback comes from direct reports, peers and managers in the organizational hierarchy and is compared with an individual’s self-assessment. The results from the 360 degree survey facilitate self-awareness by allowing employees to view input about themselves from key stakeholders—the people they work with on a regular basis and know their work habits best.

Devine InterviewRight™

Help your employees attain the essential skills needed to conduct a successful structured behavioral interview with Devine InterviewRight, an interactive web-based training program that examines the key points of high-quality interviewing. Our online training approach is designed to make the most efficient use of your employees’ valuable time and teach them how to make a sound investment when faced with a hiring situation—by making it a priority to carefully and appropriately select an organization’s most valuable asset: its people.

Devine Salaried Development™

Devine Salaried Development assesses the personality and behavioral aspects of your current employees at the professional, managerial and executive career levels. Devine Salaried Development is a competency-based assessment tool that will help your company develop a motivated workforce with a high success potential and cultural compatibility.

Devine Engagement Survey™

The Devine Engagement Survey provides organizational leaders with valuable insight about employees’ feelings and attitudes by giving employees the opportunity to anonymously offer their opinions about their workplace environment. The Devine Engagement Survey provides you with actionable suggestions to improve employee engagement within your organization. By going beyond just measuring attitudes, companies can realize the value of an engaged workforce by making subsequent changes that have real bottom-line results.