For over 40 years, The Devine Group has helped thousands of clients strengthen their organizations through our customized sales training, talent management, and leadership training incorporating assessment tools for gap identification. The Devine Group has India wide presence and its talent management solutions and training, experience and industry-leading practices continue to help companies reduce costs, increase revenues and optimize productivity.

Our customized, flexible solutions are tailored to your organization and will allow us to partner with you to achieve optimal results in support of your strategy. The alignment of our respective organizations is the starting point for the relationship.

Our Methodology

We believe cultures vary across as well as within the same industry. Therefore, we do customization of both assessment and solutions at industry, function, and specific culture.

We also believe that the programs should include a component of Judgment or wisdom transfer in addition to skill building. Therefore, our facilitators and coaches are those who have walked their talk and have successfully chartered their path through business cycles.

Our Solutions

Our focus is on 5 top key pain points across Asia, including India, namely:

Change Management: change is not an option but a reality for organizations in Asia given the growth cycle.

Culture Integration: Need for culture integration and creation of high performance teams in the context of the Rainbow Corporation from Globalization, Cross border M&A and Alliances.

Inclusivity: This relates to women in the workplace and meeting their needs of work life balance. It is a journey women in other parts of the world can easily relate to as they have gone through this experience. From a legal and business perspective, organizations have to address this. Malaysia, for example, has a quota for women representation in the board room.

Innovation: Companies have to innovate like Japanese companies had to do after the Second World War to capitalize on the opportunities.

Effective Recruitment and Retention: How do you effectively hire people and retain the employees in fast growth economies?

And of course, we do leadership capability building that organizations have to do on an ongoing basis.