As scores of companies in India and the world over would testify, finding the right people for the right job is one of the tougher tasks an organization goes through, over and over again.

The challenge is only compounded by the fact that doing this right is the key for survival to organizations of any kind and any size. A minor inconsistency can lead to a huge competency gap that directly influences the team and the organization’s performance. Even worse, wrong hires directly impact the financials of a company and have a detrimental effect on both customer satisfaction and employee morale.

So what’s at the core of this problem?

Few organizations spend time in understanding what ‘right’ means as they look to recruit the right people for the right job. Each job requires a baseline of skill and behavioral competencies to be adequately performed, and most organizations focus on the skill part and neglect the behaviors.

Interestingly, the behavioral competencies which are required for leading self, others and managing change are more important as one goes up the value chain, as knowledge and skill only play complimenting roles in high performing teams that demonstrate effective collaboration and are capable of managing change during both growth and down cycles. In firms that have taken a skill-based recruitment approach, training and development should be targeted at addressing these behavioral needs and building a strong organizational culture.

Are there any solutions in the market that help with effective recruitment? Do they adequately address the problem?

Indeed! The market is chock-full of assessment tools and recruitment solutions, few of which are innovative. Every individual hiring situation, even in the same region and the same industry, is different. In each of these situations, the corporate culture and more importantly, the team dynamics, are unique. The key to effective recruitment is to start with a customized diagnosis of the culture and dynamics in place, and then map out the required behavioral competencies that don’t conflict but fill in any gaps or complement the strengths the existing team already has.

Can the Devine Group help?

With over 40 years of science and learning behind it, Devine Group’s assessment inventory cuts across hiring levels and industries. What’s unique about the group’s offering in India is that the tools are not only customized for our fast growth economy, but are fine-tuned for each individual industry and further tweaked based on the needs of an individual hiring situation. This solution-based approach, focused on working with an organization in identifying the needs correctly and then developing customized hiring and development solutions to address them, is unique in the market. This approach sets up organizations to effectively manage not just recruitment and retention, but also the broader issues of culture integration and leadership development.

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