Devine Group is launching its class-leading solutions in India to help you stay on top of the culture integration, inclusivity and retention challenges that have come to define the organizational landscape here.

In a fast-growing economy that’s driven mostly by services, culture integration presents both an opportunity and a challenge for employers. It’s an essential piece for creating high performance teams and can become a true differentiator in a tough market. The challenge for most Indian companies though, is getting this right in the context of global operations and rainbow teams. To do this effectively, they must first understand at a fundamental level the dynamics at work between various individuals in a team and their respective competencies.

Also in play are diversity and inclusivity considerations. Few organizations proactively spend their energies on understanding how they can better integrate women at the workplace and help them manage a complicated work-life balance. Unlike countries such as Malaysia, which has a quota for women representation in the boardroom, India has never had a strong women-at-work culture. Though it’s necessary from a legal standpoint, Devine Group believes that there’s great merit in organizations addressing this with a strong business focus. An inclusive work culture may be hard to build, but it is an essential component in recruiting and retaining high performance teams.

How can we help?

Every business has a unique corporate culture, shaped by the interactions of many different team sub-cultures. Even within the same industry, the differences can be stark. The key to performance lies in understanding how the building blocks, the subcultures, operate and how they can be changed to create a stronger culture that can produce and sustain high performance teams.

Devine Group’s assessment solutions are customized across three layers to reflect the operating environment in India, the incumbent market dynamics in a specific industry, and the existing culture and team dynamics of a specific company. This unique approach of customized diagnosis is matched with customized training and development solutions to bring about the desired shift in the corporate DNA.

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